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LED industry's biggest threat: disappearing "boundary"

Date: 2014-09-01Source: 0 Read: 172

The future of lighting, some need light it? Not! 
The future, the light carrier can be furniture, flooring, curtains and other items you can think of everything! Way, grab the lighting market, this "cake" is much more than the majority of the "industry peers", and there's more more "cross-border" from the business. 
In the past, lighting enterprises or dealer or, engineering companies, we all regard the "peer" as the biggest competitor, in fact, a closer look at today, lighting companies are not really competitors with each other, and those cross from the opponent. 
With the advance of technology, we can find all walks of life, "industry boundaries" are disappearing, a huge "things" evolved. Under this situation, the lighting companies how to use a new way of thinking and business model, in which cross-border 
Fusion's away from the "brand sinking" and even achieve "brand floating" issue. 
So, for thus arise out of such "cross-border", "Internet thinking", "business model" and other topics, the industry what do you think? 
Keywords one: cross-border 
From small lighting business perspective, this could be a very bad news, but from the perspective of long-term development of the industry point of view, this is a good news. Enterprise cross-border production, LED products and electrical products will bind together, which will expand the LED products 
Coverage in favor of the rapid spread of LED products in the brand and channel effects. 
- Turning to the impact of cross-border competition to bring the lighting industry, Shi Yin Kang, Managing Director of Premium Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to share their exclusive point of view. Yin Kang introduced the Road, one of 2013's hottest topic of LED lighting companies with cross-border mergers, such as the 
BDO Runda NVC upstream and downstream vertical integration, Sanan Optoelectronics and Forepi of horizontal mergers, as well as interbank competition from companies such as electrical appliances are the best examples. Yin Kang believes the overall industry perspective, cross-border integration is a good thing, despite the small 
Type LED companies will therefore suffer some impact, but it can assess the situation, considering their own advantages, choose their own development LED enterprises in horizontal, vertical or even cross-border cooperation, in order to consolidate their advantage. 
Cross-border competition everywhere. Lighting industry itself is a very low barrier to entry industry, any one lighting companies are likely due to redefine certain lighting products and the impact of the entire industry, but also probably because of lighting products redefine any kind of home 
Tools or building materials and the impact of other sectors. Of course, other industries may also be used in combination with other products to the impact of lighting and lighting industry. 
- General Manager of Marketing Center Lin Jiliang Linsen Co. on cross-border competition issues when published more than rhetoric. Lin Jiliang believes that cross-border competition "everywhere", the lighting business impact and the impact is likely to be simultaneously present, he thought to live fast 
Cross-border competition in the music business will be "everywhere" has its survival. 
In the past five years, many do hardware, electronics, toiletries, household appliances, displays, packaging, real estate, or even a group of entertainment companies and all have the money thrown into the LED lighting industry, many companies and competitive forces from outside lighting appears in huge LED lighting market 
, For the lighting industry structure and traditional markets (especially in the low-end market segment) caused a great impact. Thus, the cross-border impact of the Chinese lighting market competition faced by how much. 
- Guangdong KAILESI Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (MOD cloud control lighting) introduced the chairman Ng Wing-lok, LED light source in the gradual decline in the cost of mature and lighting applications, can be said to begin cross-border competition in the lighting industry, and low global the rise of carbon economy, multinational Amoy 
Elimination of incandescent and LED lighting respected, energy policy of subsidies, among other factors attracting outside capital into profit-driven lighting industry, more and more cross-border business outside of the lighting industry to compete. 
Keywords II: Business Models 
China is too short a good business model thinking. 
- Discussion on "chaos" under the current situation, the causes of China's lighting industry, the general manager Li Marsh Green Lighting Co., domestic marketing division Jun Chen gave away. Chen Jun believes that today's lighting industry, there is no reason why the bottom line "price scuffle" 
, Of varying quality, investment frenzy "heat wave", channel expansion "nest of crazy," a considerable part of the fundamental crux of the lack of good lighting enterprise business model of thinking, it is unclear own direction and achieve the strategic objectives established layout. Most enterprises 
In the "herd" thinking guided gradually sank. In this regard, Chen Jun believes that every business has its own characteristics, there is no so-called "best business model" only "the most appropriate business model," according to its own characteristics enterprises need, identify their location, details of project 
Standard and direction to the business model best suited to their own operations across the enterprise in order to break the siege. 
Keywords three: Internet Thinking 
Subversion of the traditional enterprises is not the Internet, is backward thinking and organization. 
- Commodities transit network CEO Liu Wan Lan said that the traditional sales channels gradually separatist merchandise surrounded by emerging electronic channels failed to bear without LED enterprises to pay attention diversion effect. Liu Wan Lan believes that the construction of an electricity supplier channels require Internet thinking. In the Internet wave 
Under the impact of the tide, accustomed to the traditional mode of thinking channels district is experiencing a difficult period of adjustment. And this Internet thinking, reflected in the innovation, product and service. 
Comments: This technology advances the director called "vanishing 'border'," the annual drama, cross-border competition for the lighting business is certainly no doubt have an impact, "border" means more to expand and disappear. "opponents fight for a job, "to break the gate, straight 
Pound lighting companies "granary"; while, it is undeniable that cross-border competition brought about by the technological convergence will facilitate the entire lighting industry to achieve greater leap, this is the trend. 
Homeopathy and moving lighting companies will know a tactic: vertical and horizontal....
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